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Wondering !!!

Ontario, Canada Ca

I just turn my front yard soil over and removed the weeds.
( The front yard was over ran with weeds from neglect)
I was wondering if it was to late to seed it ?
If its not what would be the best way of going about it.
If its to late, would sod be the best way to go . Would i need to put anything down on the soil first?
I live in Ontario, Canada and the weather is still nice here.
We already had 1 frost .



If you are starting to get frosts, it is probably too late to seed or turf your front yard now. Wait until spring when the first weeds start to appear (yes, I know you have removed them all but there will be weed seeds in the soil - once they start to germinate, you will know the soil is warm enough for you to start working with it)

4 Nov, 2007

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