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By Googie

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have decided to start a rose garden. Being a complete beginner I need a book on pruning etc for beginners. It would be helpful if it had pictures.



Googie, the internet is an excellent resource for rose growers. My recommendation would be to start with the BBC's pages:
Then Google 'growing roses'
If I were you I would spend the money on rose plants and/or growing materials.
Do tell us more about your plans for your rose garden, where it will be, which roses you choose etc. We enjoy following each-other's progress.

22 Jul, 2008


Thanks xela. At the moment i have been going off names of the family. Just bought William in memory of my Dad. Also mothers day for my mum. I have a little paved area at the top of my garden which i am going to put pots and a trellis which i will grow a nice climber over. (Any idea of a good climber? ) When It done i will show a picture, just hope roses are easy to grow. Any way here goes

22 Jul, 2008


I'd recommend 'The Rose Expert' by Dr Hessayon, available at any bookshop and W H Smiths. Has all the basics including pruning and pest info plus details of some of the commonly available varieties

22 Jul, 2008


I agree, Hessayon's book 'The Rose Expert'is good; all his books are reasonably priced, well illustrated and full of clear information. However, it isn't long before a book becomes outdated whereas current thinking is constantly being updated on the internet and I would rather have a rose in my garden than a book on my shelf.
There are some lovely climbers Googie. Are you aware of rambling roses and the difference between them and climbing roses?

23 Jul, 2008

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