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Storing cooking apples and pears


By Tago

United Kingdom Gb

I am enquiring if there is any way that I can pick and store Bramley apples and pears after picking them until I am ready to use them of a period of time.



Beg some old apple cardboard boxes with inserts from your local friendly supermarket or greengrocers gently pick the apples and place in the sections of the box , if any are bruised or marked don't bother to store them ,use them first. Keep the boxes in a cool dark place which is frostproof. Failing getting the inserts, carefully wrap the apples in newspaper and store as before.

22 Jul, 2008


That reminds me of myself. I used to get a lot of seconds apples and I peeled them, cooked them and then either bottled or froze them. If I wanted them for apple sauce I'd put them through the moulin legume or blender first. Freeze them in icecream containers or like that, as plastic bags might burst. Also I think blanching them if sliced and then freeze them is also possible. Have a look in good old fashioned cookbooks. When I cooked apples or pears I always did it in the microwave and never added water, as they have plenty in them.

22 Jul, 2008


I am still eating last years apples. they were pureed and frozen and they keep as long as you need them.

22 Jul, 2008


is there a recipe for preserving bramley apples

27 Sep, 2009

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