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Oak tree

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

Just an update on my sick oak. I was out gardening near the tree today, and realised that for much of the day it is in full shade being caused by a very grand old Blue spruce. I like to know if other feel that this maybe a strong contributing factor? I feel that the young leaves just aren't getting enough sun to start working properly, and in turn aren't strong enough to cope. I feel that the only choice, is to move the tree. So when is the best month to move a tree?



You need to wait until it's dormant, ie late autumn to early spring. It will be a hard job as you have to dig a trench around the tree away from the trunk as far as the canopy spreads before you dig it up. Make sure that the hole for it is prepared. Dig it up and wrap the rootball in hessian or an old sack - dampened - then take it over to its new home for plantng.. You will have to water it frequently for its first year.

21 Jul, 2008

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