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The 3 agapanthus that I planted last summer and that flowered beautifully then, have not flowered this summer. The leaves are luscious and healthy.



Agapanthus prefer to be crowded to induce them to flower. If you planted them from pots, they were probably ready to flower last year but now, wth lots of space, they are less inclined to do so

21 Jul, 2008


It could be because of the weather this year. I do not know what area you are in but here in the Southeast Agapanthus are only just starting to flower.

21 Jul, 2008


Andrew is quite right, they are probably enjoying their freedom but I am sure they will flower next year when they have clumped up a bit.

22 Jul, 2008


I was talking to my daughter who lives in Holland about this yesterday. She has several lots of Agapanthus in pots - some are in a greenhouse and they are flowering much better than the ones outside - so perhaps its the temperature.

22 Jul, 2008

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