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By Hank

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A glut of comfrey

My comfrey plants grow so fast. I've already got about 6 litres of the liquid fertiliser and am wondering what else I can use it for. At the moment I'm cutting all the leaves up small and adding it to the compost heap
I have tried it as a poultice.



Here in Germany comfrey isn´t hardly known....non of my gardening friends had heard of it....neither did the local plant nurserys know where I could get it from. I wanted some plants to make liquid fertilizer with. We have a local website here...a sort of exchange and mart type of thing. I kept putting adverts in for comfrey plants for about 2 years and almost gave up until somebody saw my advert and gave me 3 healthy plants for free.....btw they wern´t local. They just came across the website by chance.Next year I´m hoping to harvest the leaves and make some lovely comfrey tea for the plants.

11 Aug, 2014


Comfrey fertiliser is really easy to make but it smells worse than you would believe possible!

11 Aug, 2014


...about the same smell as stinging nettle fertilizer...I make that myself and that realy pongs.

11 Aug, 2014


Thanks for the info, i've never let it wilt before but I will now.

11 Aug, 2014

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