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I have two apple trees one was already in the garden when I moved here 6 years ago the other we bought last year we have in a large barrel pot on our decking the older tree gave fruit only 2 or 3 every year the new one gave 3 apples last year I pruned the older tree about October last year but didn't touch the new tree ive got no fruit on either tree where have I gone wrong

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Do you have the right pollinator for each apple tree? That would explain few fruit. You could plant a Crabapple to pollinate both.

11 Aug, 2014


And the new tree may be too young. They can take a while to get into their stride and will flower without setting for a year or two very often. Are the tow trees in flower at the same time?

11 Aug, 2014


I think that Botanic is on the right track. Apple trees need to be pollinated by a different apple variety, two trees of the same variety won't work. They need to be in the same pollination group, i.e. they flower at the same time.

If you know what type of apple trees you have, then Google apple pollination groups. This will allow you to look up the flowering group of your apple tree(s) and see if they are compatible.

A lot of apple trees are sold as 'self-pollinating'. Even these will benefit tremendously from cross-pollination.

12 Aug, 2014


...which is why I asked if they flower at the same time...

13 Aug, 2014


That's right Steragram, same answer, different perspective.

13 Aug, 2014


Cheers Myron!

14 Aug, 2014

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