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By Cate

New South Wales, Australia Au

begonias - i love them and kill them =( heeeeeeeeelllllllllllp



What kind of begonia, Cate? There's probably a dozen different types that will grow in you area.

14 Jun, 2010


ahh - now therein may lie the problem - i didn't know there are different varieties - i'm trying to think of a way to describe them - but the variety is amazing which is one of the reasons i love them - flowers are the little single type - not the enormous blossoms that i think are called tuberous? they have foliage that varies in colour size shape and hairiness ... which i'm sure is no help at all - i'll do some searching on the net and see if i can be more definite - thank you (in anticipation) for your help =)))

14 Jun, 2010


With that much variation, Cate, I'd look at a couple different kinds first. If they are tall, bushy plants, they might be Angelwing or cane-stemmed begonias. If they are mounding plants with thick furry stems creeping over the ground, and big, heart-shaped or spiral leaves, they might be rhizomatous begonias. I would find the Angelwing type to be more likely, since they are much easier to grow. Hope this helps some!

14 Jun, 2010


both descriptions fit - i have nearly ten varieties - the tall ones and the short hairy ones included - the short hairy ones suffer from my ministrations the most - die right back then struggle into life again ... is there something i should or shouldn't be doing to them?
the taller ones seem much happier although they stopped flowering when i moved them from a place with some sun to a place with no sun - conclusion being that they need sun to flower - is that correct? although that has coincided with winter which gets down to around 10 deg C but is usually warm during the day
Angel wing is a perfect word for their flowers - just a delight! and so strange to touch - like a thin skinned juicy fruit - very unusual - and the truly amazing foliage! - am hoping to be much kinder to them in future LOL - any suggestions on care appreciated =)) cheers - Cate

15 Jun, 2010


Don't flog yourself too much over the rhizomatous types, Cate. They're bred from high-altitude tropical cloud forest species, and don't like a lot of things outside of a cool, humid greenhouse, with very pure water. Temperatures below 10 deg. C and above 27 deg. aren't wanted. Low humidity and any calcium or sodium in the water aren't wanted. Low humidity isn't wanted. Urea in the fertilizer isn't wanted, either. I swear they are fussier than my second cousin Sterling! Gorgeous when you see them in the flower shop, but go downhill quickly once they are home. The best of the lot is the Iron Cross Begonia (Begonia masoniana), which makes a decent house plant, here.

15 Jun, 2010


ahhh - poor things - i wonder if they might like to hibernate in summer like cyclamens ... i can but try - thanks for your help =)))

17 Jun, 2010

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