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By Isla

Midlothian, Scotland Sco

How does one now when chillies are ready, they are green at the moment, and about 2,3inches long,
first time grower


many thanks all

On plant On the packet shows red



Are they green or red chillie types?

4 Aug, 2014


Your chilli 's will ripen, it does take a while, my peppers are still green too.
They love the heat, the hotter the better for hot chillis, so keep feeding and watering, during this month and the next and you'll see them begin to change colour as they ripen.....
in a good year I can be picking peppers into october, with a small chilli plant if the weather turns cold you could bring it indoors to a sunny windowsil

4 Aug, 2014


You can also pick them when they are green, taste one first. They probably won't be as sweet as fully ripe red ones though.

4 Aug, 2014


chillies when green aslo can pack a bit of a punch so taste with care!

4 Aug, 2014

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