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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

I have two bushes of these yellow flowers, and they are so beautiful, any ideas what they are? They don't last very long if you bring them inside.




They look like Hemerocallis - Day lilies.

21 Jul, 2008


Each flower only lasts one day- hence the name. The new buds open to give you more in a well-established clump, so they aren't really good for cutting.

21 Jul, 2008


Yes, they are surely day lilies (Hemoracalis).. We inherited some bright orange ones when we moved in 5 years ago. We put a couple in a pot and have it in the pond, they come back every year. They like damp, shady places. They put all their effort into producing beautiful, exotic looking blooms, only to have withered the next day. The have colonised very well and I've had to dig some of them up, sadly.

21 Jul, 2008


Thank you, how very interesting. The bush is so full I didn't even realize they were dying so fast. Such beauty is worth even one day.

21 Jul, 2008

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