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CUMBRIA, United Kingdom

next door has some kind of weed growing thru my fence,it sticks to you and is nearly 6ft up my fence,he isnt going to take kindly to me asking if he will clear it,if i spray the weed thru the fence is that ok or interfereing with his property,he is weird and the weed is very fast growing



It sounds like `cleavers`, it grows in my garden, if it is this you can pull it out really easily,it has very little roots.....can you reach under the fence to pull some out?

12 Jun, 2010


This weed pulls up so easily, for some reason I have loads in the front garden BUT not for long its gone, I would not spray over the fence because the spray might stray and kill something else ! Go careful.

12 Jun, 2010


My neighbours have to share my plants ... they just pull them up or chop them off ... I think you are within your rights to do away with anything that comes thru' to your side but I would avoid any spraying as Grandmage says & maybe let your neighbour know what you are doing!

12 Jun, 2010


his garden is waist high in weeds and he never touchs it and i cannot get my hand in,it did come up very easily when i pulled it on my side,i informed him last night i sprayed it and he just looked at me,so he has been warned,i tryed to get a pic but the teen has broken my camera,thanks all

13 Jun, 2010


Teens eh? Tsk!
Doesn't sound like your neighbour gives 2 hoots what you do then!

13 Jun, 2010

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