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Russian Vine

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Please help. I moved into my house 10 years ago and have been bugged by a Russian Vine that the people before me planted all amongs a leylandai hedge. The actual hedge is lovely and only needs trimming about twice a year but the Russian Vine is constantly growning up through the hedge. No sooner have I lopped off all the tops, a week later they are all back waving at me from the top of the hedge (my hedge is about 8ft high). I have been underneath the hedge with my hedge trimmer to cut any weeds down but somehow it still survives. HELP!



Try separating a good shoot and put a polythene bag ocer it. Then spray systemic weedkiller into the bag - shield your eyes - and do this to other shoots along the hedge, This should take the weedkiller down to the plant's roots and kill it. You may have to repeat this treatment in case the vine has rooted itself under the hedge by layering - I'm not sure if it does this, but may well do. After a few weeks when it is completely dead, you'll have to pull it out from the hedge but it should be obvious. Good luck with this!

20 Jul, 2008

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