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Can anyone help please? What is this 'white fungus' on the roots of many of our garden plants and how does one get rid of it? Thanks for any advice.




Generally speaking this kind of fungus is harmless and fairly normal. However if you look very closely at the white stuff and you can see tiny insects hidden in it, then you have a bad case of root aphids. The cure for that is sadly chemical. You would need a systemic insecticide.

23 Jul, 2014


If the plants were healthy, this is not a problem - as Owdboggy says, these are fungal based life forms, in fact, mycelium. Many plants have a symbiotic relationship with mycelium and many can't survive or grow well without fungi.

23 Jul, 2014


Thank you to Owdboggy and Bamboo, very helpful.

23 Jul, 2014

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