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Our Amalanchier Lamarkii was planted this year but has leaf blight. This is causing the leaves to die back and drop. We have cleared up all the infected leaves and used a Copper based spray a few times - tetracopper tricalcium sulpahate- but to no good effect. Any other suggestions would be welcome or is it a case of treating the blight too late ie should have got on top of it when leaves opened??!! Thank you...............



I would go for Systhane Fungus Fighter. I think you are nearly there as to spraying early in the season when there is enough leaf to take up the spray before the onset of the leaf spot.

14 Jul, 2014


Hi, Amelanchier are susceptible to fire blight, check for this, if it is you should notify defra, and I would also take itback to wherever you bought it from, and get your money back, Derek.

14 Jul, 2014

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