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Ants on my lawn


By Krissyg

United Kingdom Gb

I found ants on my lawn recently, it was only laid in October 07. I decided (probably stupidly) to prick holes in the grass and poured 2 kettles of boiling water on it!!
So now the patch where they were is dead and also a bigger cirle around it is dead - what can I do??? HELP



Well, you are an experience richer. You can try and go to the people who laid your lawn and see if you can buy as many squares as you would need to replace the lawn. Cut nicely away the dead grass and put the new tiles on.
That is a quick fix. Otherwise get some runners ( if you have that kind of grass ) from bits that grow over the edges of flowerbeds etc. and plant them in the dead hole. Keep watering and they will grow. But it will take time. Dig a bit first to see how deep the roots are, perhaps all is not lost and the deep roots are still alive, will grow again and the other grass will spread over the patch too, but it needs water. Did you kill the ants? I don't think so. With ants, you have to follow them and see where their nests are, and they are always on two sides as they move from one side to the other and sometimes many more nests, could be a long way away. Unless you find the nest and put ant pallets there ( which they take to their nest and eat from and die ), you will not eradicate those ants. I bet there is a sweet smelling tree or shrub somewhere where they feed on nectar and they are only traversing your lawn.
Good luck. I hate ants on the lawn too.

20 Jul, 2008

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