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Help to identify this please......we have an incredibly fast growing shrub/weed through a Leylandi hedge which has only appeared this year. You could say that it improves the look of the Leylandi!!!! However, i would really like to know what it is and how large it may grow. It looks to me a bit like some variety of Willow but given that it has rapidly taken over in one year im sure that is not an accurate identification. The leaves are long and lance like and small blue flowers are now appearing on some of the branches. Have attached some photos hoping they are good enough to get an ID from. Thank you

Photo0040 Photo0044 Photo0043



Could you manage to get a clear shot of the blue flowers?

8 Jul, 2014


By the look of the stem and leaves I'll say that it is Buddleja alternifolia.

10 Jul, 2014


Gets lilac flowers if it is - well worth keeping!

10 Jul, 2014

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