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I have grown some giant bagonias in hanging baskets and tubs, how can you tell the difference between cascading and upright? I ordered two types from yougarden but the baskets and tubs look the same.




That one looks like a giant one not a cascading begonia. They get huge so I would plant it in a container. If it was cascading it would hang over the basket.

8 Jul, 2014


There all giant,i ordered 10 giant upright and 10 giant cascading,i planted cascading in baskets and uprights in tubs.But they all look the same..Think ive been diddled..

8 Jul, 2014


It is certainly big, I agree it needs a bigger container. It sure isn't showing any signs of cascading yet is it? Where did you order them from?

8 Jul, 2014


Whatever they are, they will be beautiful when they flower.

8 Jul, 2014


Online from yougarden, had problems in the past with them but if you ring up with a problem they just send more plants no questions asked or refund.

8 Jul, 2014

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