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ive been offered horse manure but im not too sure what to do with it,sounds dumb i know,does it have to be a certain age or anything added to it and does it only go on some plants and not others and do you dig it in or dump it on the plant,chris



stick it in a large bucket for a few days and let it settle , this is what i do before i start digging it into the ground.
If not you could make "compost tea" , not to be drunk i hasten to add, add some muck to a water butt , i think you have to put some in netting or a bag and put it in the water butt , someone might correct me in this, and this will make a good feed for any plant.

9 Jun, 2010


You need to find out if it is fresh or matured Ladybug. If you spread it on your garden now it is likely to burn your plants. If you have a space where you can leave it for at least a will make a wonderful addition to the soil in your garden...

9 Jun, 2010


she says its matured,im going to dig it in then we will see what happens,i may try the water butt thing too

9 Jun, 2010


To make manure "tea" I put a big dollop in an old pillow case then string this in a tub of rain water (the same as you might with a tea bag) leave this for a couple of weeks, occasionally stirring/dunking the bag up and down. The resulting "tea" can be diluted (about 4 - 1) with more fresh water and used as an all round feed for both flowers and veg.

9 Jun, 2010


Just to add, use a watering can without the rose and feed the ground making sure it stays off the plant itself.

9 Jun, 2010


I use horse manure for everything I grow. I store bags of it from one year to the next.I then mix it with the bought multi compost which I buy from the garden center.Everything I pot on has this mixture,and my toms / other veg and all flowers and plants that I grow seem to thrive on it.
I also make liquid manure from it using an onion sack,and water everything in my greenhouse with this,including the seedlings.

I mix fresh horse manure into my compost bins .
I am just very lucky that my daughter has horses.

10 Jun, 2010

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