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I have a young Braeburn apple tree and a young Jack Grieve apple tree in tubs. Normal not dwarf. How would I prune - and when- and is it OK to keep them in tubs? Is there anything special I must do to keep them healthy? This is the 2nd year I have had them and they both have a good crop of apples of apples on them.



if you see any twiggy growth that dosent produce fruit prune it,prefrably after you harvest so october or november.

2 Jul, 2014


oh and yes they can grow in a tub but it will be quite small since plants grow as big as their environment. hope i helped :)

2 Jul, 2014


T After a few years they would be much better in the ground. If you want to grow apples in tubs you should buy ones on a dwarfing rootstock.

2 Jul, 2014

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