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Propagate a streptocarpus from a leaf

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If the leaves have wilted through over or underwatering is there any way you can save the plant, such as cutting off a leaf for propagation or digging the root up and repotting?
What is the best way to propagate from a leaf?

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You cut the leaves into pieces across-ways and poke the cut edge into gritty compost. Little plantlets grow from the base and then you can separate them and pot them on. I know this sounds like a wind-up but it's true!

19 Jul, 2008


But make sure the cut pieces are inserted the right way up ..... you can make several such cuttings from a decent sized leaf, but they will only take if the cut edge that was nearest the root is inserted in the compost. They don't like being upside-down. Tis true, no wind-up.

19 Jul, 2008


Sorry - forgot that vital bit of info. Thanks Xela.

19 Jul, 2008

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