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hello, does anyone have any ideas of how i could hang a basket or container around a tree trunk.



Good morning Major, Is the trunk very wide and are there any accessible branches you could utilise? The problem as I see it is if you use wire, rope or any kind of strapping to clamp around the trunk then you risk strangling the tree. I assume you wouldn't want to fasten into the tree itself?

7 Jun, 2010


It’s a 20yr old cedar, I have pruned the lower branches, and it looks like a parasol to get light to the flower bed beneath it.It’s roughly 2ft in girth, there are a few thicker branches, but it is in the front garden. So I wouldn’t want them to get stolen.
I have some pots that you can strap to drainpipes; I wondered it there was anything like this for trees.
Thanks for your help.

7 Jun, 2010

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