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We purchased a 10ft laburnum tree in April of this year and it seemed good and healthy, producing a delightful mass of flowers. Once the flowers finished, we discovered that the leaves were being eaten. The last two evenings, we have found that the top of the tree, up to the full height of 10ft has been absolutely covered in snails, mainly very small, minute, in fact - including one or two slugs. We knocked them all off - showers of them and left slug killer to base of tree. Just as many snails on the 2nd evening. Please, what has created this problem?



Just bad luck. You could try putting a copper band ( like those meant for plant pots) round the trunk as they will not pass it, but you would have to be careful to keep checking that it was not getting too tight as the trunk diameter increases. that won't help with the ones already up there though - but its not to high to spray. Do it late evening when there are no flying insects about.

13 Jun, 2014

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