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Can anyone identify a plant for me please/
It may be wildflower [weed]
It has large very hairy leaves [spiteful but not prickles]
the flower buds are all in a cluster and droopy.
They looked like they would be pinkish when they came out and today at lunch time 2 bloomed and were a vivid candy pink [4 petals and a central beak]
BUT by 7 pm the flowers had turned a rich blue! [this was in the rain so I don't know if that's what made a difference.
Any ideas?
I will take a photo tomorrow when not raining



Have a look at viper's bugloss. HC

9 Jun, 2014


I think you might be looking at borage i may be wrong others may tell you different good luck

9 Jun, 2014


Thanks for the replies but it is neither of these - here is a pic. I took this morning, it looks like they are only pink when they first come out and then turn blue.
you can just see this on the flower on the right hand side.

10 Jun, 2014

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