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By Queenie

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I have a new bird in my garden which I can't identify. I can't see it ! but it makes just one loud chirrup time and time again, there is nowhere to get the answer, so I know one of my clever friends at GOY will have the answer. I am in an urban area but with lots of gardens and trees - hence I can't a view of the little tinker!



It's difficult to say without a little more information. However one suggestion would be a Starling. They also mimic other birds and even copy telephone ring tones.

15 Jun, 2014


Or another possibility is a Great Spotted Woodpecker you often hear them but seldom see them because they cling to the tree trunks. They are the same size as a Starling and have a distinctive undulating flight.

15 Jun, 2014

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