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Mice in compost bin


By Domtee

United States

Thanks for your comments, but I need to get of the mice, they are breeding quickly now and I hate them so wont go near the bin, plus my mother wont even go in the garden as she is terrified of them! So, how do I get rid of them (without picking them out). I did think of leaving the bin lid open for the neighbouring cats!!!



i also had this with mice in my compost bin when emptying it , i am afraid i just put them back and let nature take its course .

18 Jul, 2008


We had the same problem. We removed the mice and then buried the edge of the bin a few inches into the soil so they coudn't get back in again. No more problems!

18 Jul, 2008


Get rid of the mice asap, they breed at a fearsome rate and you certainly don't want them taking up residence anywhere else !
A few years ago we had some move into our house over winter; they chewed their way through furnishings, clothing, wiring, all sorts. Initially we used humane traps and released them back into the wild but they bred faster than we could catch them.

19 Jul, 2008


I had mice in my Bin too, just left them to it, its nice and warm in there for the babies, i must admit i freaked out a bit haha..i went to turn it a few weeks later and they were gone, they dont come into the house so im cool about it,there part of the wildlife in our gardens, and i let nature and neighbours cats do there thing :) ...Dee...

19 Jul, 2008


Ah, we are virtually a cat - free zone, just a doggy neighbourhood here.
Unfortunately, although our dog is half cat its the wrong half, he is fascinated by mice and loves to watch their antics.
When my daughter had pet mice he would spend hours with his nose pressed up against the cage just watching them.
I have seriously considered adding a cat to our family, it would have to be a proven micer as effective as my first cat. Wonder if they can be trained to take their 'presents' to someone else :-D

19 Jul, 2008

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