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Anyone grown Cellery looking for advice and tips



As nobody's replied I looked in an old book for you.
It says Dig and manure a deep trench 18 inches wide. Plant so the growing surface is 3-4" below the surrounding soil (ie th top of the trench) Plant in 2 rows allowing 12" between each plant. Mulch with well rotted manure during growth if you have some. Tie the stalks so no soil can get in between them and continue to earth up as the plants grow. The last earthing up is at the end of October. You don't say where you live - if applicable protect from frost with straw or bracken,. (this book was written before poly cloche runs or fleece had been heard of...)
Sorry no personal experience as I only grew some once years ago and can't remember anything about it! Don't know why I did really as neither of us likes it much!

6 Jun, 2014

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