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weeping peach tree

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Can anybody identify what's wrong with my weeping peach tree? It's leaves are curling right up, pair by pair until the leaves die off leaving a bare stem..:(

I have spayed it with a general 'bug killer' and yesterday with a 'disease killer'.



Classic Peach leaf curl. It's a gall fungus that induces the leaves to pucker and twist as well as change colour to reddish-pink. This will shortly produce a white bloom all over which is the reproductive phase when spores are released. All you can do is pick off effected leaves at this time of year. At bud burst next year, spray with a copper fungicide solution (buy it from any garden centre). It may need another treatment two weeks later. No guarantee it will clear up but this is your best and only option. Don't leave any infected leaves lying around either. It's debilitating to the plant so I would persevere. Only Peaches, Nectarines and Almonds are effected so don't worry about it spreading to other plants.

6 Jun, 2010


Hi fractal, thank you for all that - very informative. Desperately want it to recover - the shade of blossom it has is sublime. Should i just pick off the affected leaves or use secateurs further down on the healthy leaves (whats left of them)??

6 Jun, 2010


Just remove the affected leaves Minihoney.

6 Jun, 2010


thank you - will keep my fingers crossed it turns into a happy bunny again

7 Jun, 2010


Just an update - have given the tree two treatments of Dithane as advised, have removed the affected areas (every few days) and gradually, fingers crossed it looks much better already. Will post a pic when fully healed.

29 Jun, 2010


Interesting that you have Dithane as it is no longer available!

Thanks for the update :-)

29 Jun, 2010


Hi fractral, i didnt know that - i asked at the garden centre if they had some copper treatment and thats what they gave me - a box with 5 sachets. Is it banned or something?

30 Jun, 2010


No, just discontinued.

30 Jun, 2010


My weeping peach has peach curl really bad, way to much to pick the leaves off.....I live in Maine and have had quite a hard time finding someone that wanted to take the time to help me as the weeping peach isn't sold around here where I live.....I got some spray (Oxidate Fungicide Bactericide) from a garden center(Pinkham's Plantation) and am praying that it fixes it.....My weeping peach is one of the most beautiful flowering trees that I've seen.

8 Jun, 2016

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