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bush cuttings


By Petemc

United Kingdom Gb

please can you tell me the best way to grow cuttings from a bush



It's the right time of year to take tip cuttings from many shrubs - cut off non-flowering shoots, cut them with a sharp knife back to just below the the fourth pair of leaves, remove the 4th pair and dip the cuttings in hormone rooting powder. Then insert them round the edge of a pot of damp gritty compost - don't let the leaves touch the compost. Cover the whole pot with a clear polythene bag supported away from them with little sticks and place in the shade. Each week, take off the bag, turn it inside out (to get rid of excess moisture) and replace it. Only water occasionally or the cuttings will rot. Only re-pot the cuttings when you can see roots appearing through the bottom hole of the pot. Give it a try - you may well have lots of new baby shrubs come the autumn!

18 Jul, 2008


Can you get 'Google ' ? If you write into the search panel,"Propogate Camelia.?or whatever it is that you want to take cuttings from,you will have lots of advice and often with pictures giving you step by step instructions. I have propagated Camelia and Clematus with the help from google.

18 Jul, 2008

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