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By Drphil

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i have 3 donkeys,is their manure good to use, and if so what time of the year is best- i have allowed it to rot down for over a year



You are lucky to have this manure. A year old and it would feed your soil beautifully either as a top dressing around your plants or ,if it is from a stable and mixed already with bedding it could be dug in at any time . If it is freshly collected from the field,best to add it to your compost heap,or leave it to rot down a few months before use. The three donkeys would produce tons over the year and is like gold !!

18 Jul, 2008


Roses especially thrive on well-rotted manure used as a mulch in the autumn and/or early spring! We add a layer of manure to our compost bin every month or so, it helps to produce great compost!

18 Jul, 2008

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