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I have had three leylandii removed from the end of my 22 feet tall row of 24. The fourth tree is now showing bare branches where light had been blocked by its neighbour and it looks horrible. What on earth can I do, please?

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The only thing possible is to disguise it - maybe by planting a climber? Or another shrub? Once a Conifer has died on one side, it will not grow new shoots from the old wood. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

18 Jul, 2008


There is a new disease affecting leyandii leaving it in might affect the others if it is diseased rather than lack of light.

18 Jul, 2008


I had a similar problem with a garden that I did recently, I ended up cutting the tree into a standard and removing the top growth. I now can plant under the tree, acid lovers and forest edge plants work well. I also have a clematis and a honeysuckle growing up the trunk.

18 Jul, 2008


I have a conifer hedge which had outgrown its space and, like you, I had to reduce it. It has had an ugly bare patch on one side for a year or so but it is gradually being engulfed by the healthy side as it responds to the light. So, if you are happy to wait and give it a chance it may heal itself, but it certainly will not be an instant makeover.

19 Jul, 2008

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