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lamb's ears with pretty purple flowers???

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, does anyone know if this is lamb's ear or something else?
Very pretty flowers long show.




I believe you have Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria), whose leaves are similar to (but not as soft as) lambb's ears.

17 Jul, 2008


It's a great plant - keep deadheading and it will keep flowering. If you want seedlings, leave some heads on and it should oblige. There's a white version and a deep maroon (sterile) beauty called L.coronaria 'Gardeners' World' which is my favourite.

17 Jul, 2008


This is Lychnis coronaria (dusty miller or rose campion)

Lamb's ears - Stachys byzantina - is woolier but also has pink/purple flowers

17 Jul, 2008


Thank you everyone, great help, I will definitely follow your advise on seeds, would love more of those in the garden...

17 Jul, 2008


This plant seems to have been a feature of GoY this year and has 'grown on me'. The outcome it that I intend to make it a feature in our gardens next year, the seeds have gone on my shopping list.

19 Jul, 2008


Try to track down the L.coronaria 'Gardeners' World ' - it will have to be a plant as it's sterile - but it's double and deep maroon and just gorgeous! Flowers for ages.

19 Jul, 2008


Will do ...... with a bit of luck and a following wind it may not have to wait until next year then ! :-D

19 Jul, 2008


It's called lamb's ear in the United States. There is another variety with the same foliage and white flowers.

29 Jul, 2008


We have a plant called 'Lamb's Ears' - but it's Stachys.

30 Jul, 2008


That is Lychnis coronaria, Mullein pink, not lamb's ears. But lamb's ears does have pink flowers.

25 Apr, 2009

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