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What is the name of this plant?

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I have a beautiful plant that I would love to know that name of. It has light green leaves, grows about 12" tall and each plant has a gorgeous feathery flower of a different color (red, pink, yellow, gold, orange etc.). Folks who see them in my garden always stop to ask me the name of the plant and I would love to tell them, but I don't know it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



try and post a photo,to show flowers and leaves,someone will be able to tell you

17 Jul, 2008


Bren has a point about a the one flower I can think of that is a common garden flower blooming at this point in the summer, feathery and in those colours is a google or goY search for that and see if there are any pictures of the flowers you have... good luck.

17 Jul, 2008


Yes, that's it - Celosia. I looked it up and you were right Lori. It's the plumed variety not the cockscomb. Thanks so much for the info.


17 Jul, 2008

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