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By Zee

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my dog has eaten a red berry from a tree and is very sick, i am taking one with me to the vets but anyone got any ideas what it might be, it is a very tall tree with quite dark leaves and little red berries, the stone is a cream colour and almost as large as the berry, thanks in advance for any help, are all berries from trees and bushes poisonous to animals and or humans thanks zee



So sorry to hear your dog is sick - perhaps do two things: take a branch from the tree with you to the vet, and post a picture of it here. Maybe by the time you get to the vet someone on this site can identify the tree for you. Just ask the vet to log into this site - we will help you any way we can.

Also, consider any pesticide that was on the berry, did the dog also eat leaves? Best of luck

17 Jul, 2008


I am so sorry to hear that. I hope he is better. Good advice from Marguerite and Barriersland. My Lab eats anything he finds and ate fallen Yew berries along the lane last autumn. The vet told us that the only part of the Yew tree that isn't poisonous is the red flesh of the berries. We were lucky because he had not chewed them - he just swallowed them whole and was not affected. The berries are small and red and the leaves are very dark (evergreen) - could your tree have been a Yew?

18 Jul, 2008

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