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By Lemnos

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I have a pine tree in the garden that was grown by my husband from seeds from a cone found in Athens-it is about 30 years old and it is a Greek pine tree. This year I have found two pine cones under the tree and wondered if there are any seeds inside the cones and how I can start off another tree/s any tips please?



Shake the cones, soak the seeds in water for 24 hours or so, those that sink are fine to use but I just use them all. Plant in loose soil and leave over winter. I have had pinus seed come up during summer, so temperature changes between night and day play a big part in germination.

15 May, 2014


if the cones are tightly closed you need to put the cones somewhere dry. they then open up and any seed inside can fall/shake out. then as do botanic says

16 May, 2014

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