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apple fall


By Jono

United Kingdom Gb

my apple tree forms fruit well up to the size of golf ball then the drop off?



Apples Fall, Have Cuts in Skin could be - Plum circulio beetle There is no trap or botanical insecticide that will control curculio. You can take advantage of the insect's habit of playing dead when surprised. Each morning for three weeks after petal fall, spread sheets under your fruit trees. Shake or jar the tree, and the beetles will fall onto the sheets where you can collect and dispose of them.

Pick up and destroy all fruit that falls to the ground. This step alone will diminish a curculio population substantially.

Some gardeners use the organophosphate insecticide phosmet (Imidan) to control curculio. Compared to other organophosphate insecticides it does not persist long in the environment. However, it is toxic to honeybees -- do not use it when pollinators are active.

16 Jul, 2008


You do know there is a thing called July drop where a lot of immature apples will fall especially if there are a lot on one bract and if there is a wind .It is a way of sorting out the good from the bad. Also the fruit tree may need a feed or watering as the plant is putting a lot of energy into growing its fruit. Does this help? If you tree is in a pot then you will have to keep it fed and watered especially at this p[hase.

16 Jul, 2008

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