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Copper Beech Tree

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Is it possible to grow a copper beech tree in a tub?
We have just moved from a large garden where we had a number of amazing copper beech trees, We are not allow to plant tress in the garden at our new property, but still would like to have the benefit of this wonderful tree?



I suppose you could if the pot was big enough....tho I would think it would evenually bust its way out. If you are up for a project, then I suppose you could try growing one as a kind of semi-bonsei - this would involve a regime of root pruning and pruning of branches to keep it small.

16 Jul, 2008


If it's the foliage colour you are after, there are several alternative shrubs with dark foliage. There is a dark-leaved form of the smoke bush, cotinus coggygria, that can be cut back each year in early spring (although this will prevent it flowering). There is also physocarpus 'Diabolo' which has the 'extra' of flaky bark revealed after the leaves drop

16 Jul, 2008

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