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Identifying plant help!


By Minibee

United Kingdom Gb

We moved to our new house in September and in about April we got some really small shoots. We thought we'd wait and see what happened and then this popped up!

It is over 6 foot tall and has over a dozen buds, even though up to now only 2 have flowered. It looks lovely and i'd love to know what it is




That is the Leopard Lily, Lilium pardalinum and very beautiful it is too!

15 Jul, 2008


That's brilliant! Thank you so much.

It is indeed beautiful and so easy to grow. I think it must be self seeding as we've had a few pop up all over the garden.

Does it require any special care? Do you think it will grow any bigger than 7 foot?

15 Jul, 2008


It just needs the same care as other lilies, well drained soil with its feet in the shade and head in the sun. Ours rarely even reach 6 feet so yours probably will not get much taller. From seed they take about 7 years to reach flowering size, but sometimes they produce little bulbs in the leaf joints. They fall off and grow on to flowering size in a few years.

15 Jul, 2008


Well considering when I moved here in September there wasn't even a shoot coming out the of the soil I can't believe how quick it has grown!

A shoot appeared in April and we've just measured it and it is just shy of 7 foot. We must have super soil in Northumberland!

15 Jul, 2008

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