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At what age should my young [2nd spring] Hawthorne bloom? it has not done so this year [yet, is it too late now?]
Its 'arms' ie side branches are very long and look susceptible to wind damage - should I shorten them or tie them to something?



Hawthorns are very tough so I wouldn't trim them unless you think they need it for shaping the tree. No hawthorns round here are anywhere near blooming yet but I'd think it unlikely that a two year old would flower. Patience!

22 Apr, 2014


Thanks for that Snoopdog and Steragram.

I am confused now - there are lots of trees round here in full bloom for over 2 weeks, I had assumed they were Hawthorns [they smell nice, some are white blossom and some are a dark pink] they are not cherry blossom type.
What can they be if not hawthorn?
I note that you both live far away from the south east so maybe they just [usually - but not in my case] bloom earlier down here.

23 Apr, 2014


The trees you're seeing round and about could be Malus - Hawthorn usually flowers in May. Some varieties of Hawthorn are reluctant to flower when young, so depending on the variety you've got, the lack of flower may be to do with the tree's maturity.

23 Apr, 2014

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