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Moving trees: Hello everyone, I have a dogwood tree and several other saplings, ferns and shrubs that I have to move because I am building an addition to my house. Unfortunately, because of the clear area needed for the construction equipment, etc. I won't be able to put them immediately in their new location. Does anyone know how long a tree can survive with it's root ball in burlap? Would it be more or less stressful to plant them in an intermediate location and then move them again? The dogwood is the one I'm really concerned about, it needs to be moved anyway, as you can see from the photos, it is not all that happy near the looming willow tree. The other plants will be fine I think. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

July 28th, well, things aren't going so well, I'm afraid the dogwood is going to die. I have heaped dirt around it and covered that in bark mulch, I water it every other day but the leaves are all drying up.

My question today has to do with a birch sapling that I went ahead and transplanted into the ground. The top part of the tree has lost all it's leaves and the tip of the branches and the main trunk are turning black, but it looks like the tree itself is going to live, the leaves on the bottom half are fine. So my question is - should I trim the tips of the branches and main trunk or just leave them alone?

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It sounds like they may be out for a while, Shackmistress. I would scare up some cheap conainers, and a box for the tree, and pot them up in those. At the same time, prune so that about 1/3 of the foliage of each plant is removed, to compensate for the inevitable root damage. I would also consider the placement of the willow tree--it may be impossible to move, but you don't want the new wing to be anywhere within 10 meters of the willow trunk. Best of wishes for your project.

31 May, 2010


all very good advice Tug, I'd add to keep the potted trees as shady as possible and make sure that the roots don't dry out But don't overwater either(difficult I know) but i successfully kept a young plum tree for 9 months until it could be replanted

31 May, 2010


Unfortunately the willow tree is huge and can't be moved. It's not terribly healthy and I'll take it out some day but for now it's the only shade I have in the back yard.

I've very encouraged to hear about the plum tree, hopefully the construction will be done and I can get things back in their permanent homes by early fall.

Thanks for the advice!

2 Jun, 2010


If you can delay replanting until the tree is dormant as its less of a shock and gets lots of rain over the winter

3 Jun, 2010

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