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By Suerob

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

Hi i bought 2 japanese azalea trees 2 years ago.They were flowering when i potted them but haven't flowered since and now the leaves look a bit brown.Can i revive them?Also i bought 2 azalea plants 6 weeks ago and all the flowers have died off!I think i just can't grow them. Please help!



The flowers will probably just have finished. They normally flower for about two weeks or so depending on the temperature so when it's warm, they will go over faster.

By using the word tree I presume that you mean a standard plant with a stem? Are these indoor Azaleas or outdoor? They are very unforgiving if they dry out at the roots partly because these roots are so fine and thread-like. They must be in an acid compost such as Ericaceous also which I presume they are.

I will hopefully be able to help better with a little more info. Cheers!

30 May, 2010


Welcome, Suerob!

Practically all azaleas only bloom for a brief period once each spring, so the flowers dying off is no surprise. I also understand that the weather in the UK has been very dry lately in some areas--azaleas in pots need frequent watering, and even a heavy rain may not do a good job of it. Another thing to check on is feeding: they do best with frequent light feedings, or a timed release fertilizer. If the water is hard, use an acid-forming food, and water from a rain barrel, when you can. In hot weather, they also like to have some afternoon shade, especially in pots. Azaleas form their flower buds in late summer, so any pruning after August 15th is likely to cut off next spring's blooms.

Hope all this helps!

30 May, 2010


Whoops! Posted at the same time, Fractal!

30 May, 2010


Thanks everyone,one more question.Can i feed them with tomato feed?Oh and yes they are standards,i thought they were outdoor but i'm just learning.Thanks for your patience.

30 May, 2010


Well, tomato feed won't do them much harm but maybe use it a couple of times only. It's high in Potassium which initiates flowers to develop and as they pre form their flowers in summer for the following season, this would be good. You can get specially formulated feeds for Ericaceous plants that maybe you should be looking at though that are better balanced. Ericaceous plants roots live in association with a fungus that allows them to obtain nutrients out of high acid soils, in particular, those of peat which is relatively low in nutrients.

31 May, 2010


Thanks so much,it's so kind of you to take the time to help me.I'll buy some of the feed you suggested,thamks again.Sue

1 Jun, 2010

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