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something is wrong with my Berberis Darwinii - only planted last year and still very small, a lot of the leaves are brown dry and crispy but it isn't dead as new leaves are growing and it has new little orange flowers.
I think this may be a 'pest' as some of the dead leaves are stuck together.
Any ideas?

On plant Berberis darwinii



If the leaves are stuck together carefully peel them apart and you will probably find a little caterpillar. Pick them off and destroy them. Pick up any other fallen leaves and bin rather than compost them. This could also be due to the loss of leaves after the planting. They tend to die off in dribs and drabs so are not noticed. but the planting shock may have made a few more do it.

The fact you have new leaves and flowers is a positive for it.

30 Mar, 2014


Seaburngirl - thanks for the advice - problem is the leaves are so small and tightly packed I can't pick them off with gloves on and they are too prickly to do without [ouch].
I sprayed it with a pesticide and since I have found little dead red maggot looking things on the leaves.
It has however killed the little flowers, so I suppose that means no berries this autumn.

2 Apr, 2014

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