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What does the dreaded Harlequin ladybird look like? Does it have lots of large black spots? I think I may have just seen one!



They look like a normal ladybird just a little bigger. Apparently they have settled down now in this countryt and are eating aphids usually on large trees rather than just native ladybirds.

28 May, 2010


There are several species of harliquin ladybirds. the 20 spot ladybird, Red 6 spot with black smudges, red 7 spot and a black one with orange spots amongst others. Some of the have similar markings to the common ladybird, very confusing

28 May, 2010


Thanks. I needn't worry then?

28 May, 2010


Why are they dreaded?

28 May, 2010


they look like many of the british natives but tend to be bigger than 4mm in length. the 'shield' behind their head has an M or W marking on it too.

They are dreaded because they are out competing our natives. they eat aphids and lots of other insects, unfortunately that will include ladybird larva.

The filed stdies council do an excellent id sheet of all the ladybirds you are likely to find in Britain.

28 May, 2010

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