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By Annella

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

This is my lovely Aeonium 'Velour' bought last year as a birthday present. I have overwintered it in a cool conservatory since October and it has looked really good until two weeks ago when it started to look limp and drop leaves. Today I tried to re pot it and found Vine Weevil grubs. Have they stayed dormant in the pot since October or has an adult wine weevil visited my conservatory? The plant and remaining roots are plunged in water for now until I can replant next week.




The v w grubs stay dormant I've found, then when the temp. rises they wake up & start to eat the roots. I hope your plant recovers as it's often curtains by the time they've started to wilt. Not sure if leaving the roots in water is a good idea or not. Don't know much about Aeoniums.

15 Mar, 2014


Flipping vine weevil I have a succulent they attack every year!!!!
Aeoniums are really easy to take cuttings from though, you just cut a stem leave it to callous over for a few days then just put in a pot of compost they root very easily,
Shame its a lovely plant.

15 Mar, 2014


I have found adults in our unheated conservatory last month so it could be both. Blooming pests!

16 Mar, 2014

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