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Indian Bean Tree

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Perhaps I just have to be patient and hopefully it will flower before I am to old to appreciate it. Have posted another picture




Mine flowered first time this year and I bought it last year. I don;t know whether the climate is the reason. Certainly there are lots of them here in Hungary, with hot summers and cold winters. We also have sandy soil. So it may not be anything that you have the possibility to change. It might be worth finding out whether any others in your area flower. I certainly had comments from other gardeners when I posted the pics of my flowers, that they had never seen their local Indian bean trees in flower.

13 Jul, 2008


Perhaps, it is Catalpa bungei. It is a variety that I have never seen in flower. But, Catalpa bignonioides, yes It does flowers.

13 Jul, 2008


Does it has umbrella crown? If it is does, it is for sure C.bungei. They both have same leaves, long, same shaped.

14 Jul, 2008


It does has umbrella shaped crown. In my country we often use it as alley specie. It should be Catalpa bungei.

14 Jul, 2008

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