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Thanks everyone who gave me feedback on my Aquilliga problems. My next one is to do with broccoli. It's my first time at growing them, never had the space before. All my plants have grown wonderfully, they now all have a broccoli head. Do I have to cut this off now or will they keep better on the plant, and if I do cut them off will new heads grow or is that the end of that plants production.

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You want to cut the head before it starts to separate and open up into blooms, you are harvesting a flowerhead. After the first head is cut the plant will make side shoots of smaller heads also which are just as tasty but smaller. If you let the flowerhead get too open it will taste bitter.

12 Jul, 2008


While I read this....maybe you can help me also as I have had my first attempt at brokkoli but magically the brokkoli has grown to about 4 foot so far and no flowerhear in sight.......The leaves look lush and strong but non of the yummy brokkoli....I have grown this from seed in the polytunnel i have.....could it be too dark or what could it be? ......Sorry Robertpyatt for hijacking your posting :O)))

14 Jul, 2008

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