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By Keith

United States

Hi, I have access to a large and constant amount of human hair(two hairdresser friends),also chipped bark(Tree surgeon friend),a new home with trees and plenty of green stuff to compost, all of this near to horses, and their by-product,so, should i mix all this compostable stuff or is there benefit in seperation ?
Also I want to make compost bins with Palletts, is there a benefit in wrapping all sides with chicken wire and filling the gaps with polystyrine packing pieces?
which plants would benefit the most from being planted very close to the bins to feed from the run off nutrients ?



It all sounds like a lovely receipe for a good compost. The polystyrine packing would help to retain heat which is going to help the composting process. As for a good plants to place close to your bins, I'd go for rhubarb, a particullar favorite of mine, but equally Tomatoes would love the continuous supply of nutrients.

11 Jul, 2008


hair does not rot !!

12 Jul, 2008


I don't know about human hair, but Henry's hair certainly does, Ken! I empty the vaccuum cleaner into the compost bin and there is never a trace of it come bin emptying time.

12 Jul, 2008

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