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How do you know if potting soil is still good?


By Raquel

Texas, United States Us

I inherited a huge white plastic pot with potting soil; it had a plant that the last owner said was a yucca, when it died I planted impatiens in it - I did add new soil on top but the impatiens never did well...out of six plants four died, and was wondering if it could be the soil? The pot is in a very shady but hot corner, I water regularly though but the plants always look like they're on the verge of wilting, and now have no flowers. If the soil's bad is there a way to save it or am I stuck replacing it? Help!



Sounds as if the Yucca had used up the nutrients in the soil - was it soil or compost by the way? It is always necessary to replace the compost when a large plant has been in a pot before replanting. Try some tomato feed on the Impatiens weekly to give them a boost - you never know, they might revive and flower. When they've finished, replace the compost before you plant anything else.

11 Jul, 2008


rule of thumb - if you dont know - change it !!

11 Jul, 2008


Thanks, Spritz - it was soil, I think - I did add new soil but it didn't help, all the six impatien plants are now dead - wilted beyond belief!

Thanks Ken - I guess i will have to change it!

21 Jul, 2008

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