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Petunia problem

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my plants are green and healthy looking but are not flowering



use a time-release fertilizer when you plant - or fertilize them with a liquid feed every two or three weeks.

Or to try and reinvigorate them, I would water them thoroughly every second day, fertilizing with a general purpose fertilizer no more than once each week. Snip them back to the nearest active growth point below the expired flowers if any at all. See if this picks them up at all.

Oh, and by the way, I've found that despite what the pamphlets say, all petunias perform better if deadheaded regularly...

10 Jul, 2008


try tomato food...

10 Jul, 2008


I feed mine organic fertilizer and deadhead regularly...

10 Jul, 2008


Hi Slaughter
Maybee the plants are too wet as you describe them as being green and health looking so dry them out

I agree with Ken -- keep taking the flowers off.If they are in hanging baskets then look for a neww series called SuperCal. This is self cleaning and does not have sticky leaves

11 Jul, 2008

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