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Clwyd, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, I have verbena self seeding itself along my fence. Grows about three feet high with beautiful purple flowers. Should I cut it down or leave it alone.. I left it through the winter to self seed.



if you like the plant then leave it as they are short lived perennials.

they do self seed well and I love them.

7 Mar, 2014


if you don't want want them dig it out. when i had the plant they self seeded everywhere so i got rid of them

7 Mar, 2014


They are a wonderful butterfly and bee plant so you would be doing something worthwhile for threatened species if you let them grow. I think they are lovely and always let them seed about. Just cut off last year's long stems and let the new ones grow. You can always grow shorter plants in front or between. The verbena makes a nice foil for them.

8 Mar, 2014


I do the same, cut down the long stems and then you get lots of new bushy growth. After a few years these become rather woody, so I pot up some of the seedlings and overwinter them in the greenhouse, cutting them back also to make them bushy and plant them out in the spring.

9 Mar, 2014

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