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is glyphosate weedkiller safe to humans and animals



Not really. I would take the usual precautions: don't spray on a windy day; wear long clothes, gloves, and a face mask when spraying; don't inhale, and keep out of the mouth, take a shower afterwards, and wash the clothes right away; keep kids, dogs, and cats off until it is thoroughly dry; and don't let anything graze it until after at least a month. Also spray just enough to get the leaves of the weeds wet--it can stay in the soil longer than the manufacturer gives it credit for.

21 May, 2010


I'd agree with all of the above, but also NEVER spray near a pond or any other water course as it's harmful to aquatic life. It should actually say that on the bottle.
I'd reserve glyphosate for treatment of paths and gaps in pavers or drives, and around the edges of buildings where nothing else grows. Weeding by hand may be tiresome and fiddly in flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, but weeds come up from fresh weed seeds even after glyphosate.
Another safe way is just to use it for perennial deeply rooted weeds like docks and dandelions by just spot weeding the weed plant rather than spraying generally around.

21 May, 2010


Keeping a piece of cardboard handy while you spray, to protect plants you want to keep, is a good idea, too

21 May, 2010

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